The Website Revolution: Why the Time is Now to Revamp Your Website

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The Website Revolution

The evolution of complex business requirements and new competition has led even the most established players to seek a revamped web presence. This has emerged as a core necessity to survive as a small business, and to strive to stay ahead of the curve. The digital space or “cyberspace”, as it is popularly known, has added a new dimension to the conventional business environment, yet it also poses numerous threats that can threaten even the most refined business models. Historically, established business entities held secure market positions, which would effectively ward off new entrants and eliminate competition at the roots. While transitioning over to the digitally integrated environment, cyberspace has created a level playing field for competition, through website development.

Why Every Small Business Needs a Website:

A small business is a storefront and a turbine, all at the same time. The challenges that small businesses face are real and significant as compared to those larger more established brands. Imagine a business that is on the brink of collapse every single day, yet capable of bouncing back at the sight of an opportunity. Most small businesses are a bubble of opportunity that is struggling to survive in the face of stiff competition. Moreover, in the wake of digitalization and the consequent globalization of economies, the business environment has been transformed. This transition has changed the way business is done across the globe.


A simplistic definition of a website, stipulates it to be an accumulation of related web pages, hosted under a specified domain. This creates a link on the World Wide Web known as the Unique Resource Locator (URL). A website can be technically defined to be an accumulation of URLs in Cyberspace. However, for a business entity, a website is more than just a virtual placeholder or address on the web. A business website is the face of the enterprise, which crafts a reflection of its image in the virtual marketplace. Website development is a vital component of all businesses, not just web based companies.

Below are some of the inherent benefits associated with being a small business, and having a solid website

  • LEADS AND REFERRALS: We can’t stress this enough. With a strong website, and solid search engine optimization, your website, over time, will pay for itself and then some.
  • Search Engine Optimization: A website allows you to grow your brand, by climbing the ranks of Google. More and more, potential consumers are heading straight to Google, to find companies like yours, as well as your competitors. SEO on your website allows you to be one of the first businesses’ that show up when that consumer is Googling services like the ones you offer.
  • A structured website is a platform that provides businesses with a 24×7 interface to clients, employees and other stakeholders. Website development has become an essential component to all businesses.
  • A website solidifies branding, and can showcase your company is ways that other traditional web-based platforms cannot
  • A website provides a platform to small businesses with an opportunity to pitch its products and services, against established brands.
  • A dynamic website facilitates business operations and lowers cost in the medium and long-term.
  • A comprehensive website can be customized to create a digital dashboard and generate performance reports.
  • A business website can be integrated with popular CRM modules to manage dynamic client interaction and relationship.

A website is an efficient platform that empowers businesses to enhance their business prospects and facilitates seamless integration of diverse resources. Small businesses, in particular, can reap multiple benefits by developing a dynamic website that integrates functions, resources, and stakeholders, to build an organization with the capability to ‘take on the world’.

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