Small Business Trends on Social Media: On the Rise

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Small Business Trends on Social Media

There was a time in which there was a debate on how important social media was to small businesses. Does social media presence actually lead to sales?

Are your potential customers really paying attention to what you are saying online? Thankfully, this debate is increasingly becoming one sided, because small businesses are realizing the strong value that comes along with having a strong digital presence, thanks to new small business trends. Of course, like running any small business, the path to a solid social media following takes a great deal of hard work and smart strategy, implementation and integration.

Studies such as a 2016 study on small business technology continuously make the connection that small business owners should have a business website and social media involvement if they want to be successful. For example, the study shows that 36% of consumers indicated that they might choose not to do business with small businesses that have no digital presence. As social media’s importance keeps maturing in the small market space, below we list out some important trends happening in the space.

  • Facebook is dominating small business social media marketing. According to Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, a survey of 3,270 small business owners shows that over 90% of small business owners use Facebook to market their services. The second closest social media platform is Twitter at 79%. We expect Youtube and LinkedIn to increase in the near future.
  • Business to consumer companies use social media differently than business to business small businesses. B2B small businesses utilize LinkedIn as their number one choice for social networking which makes sense as they are targeting other small business owners. B2C companies are on Facebook in much larger numbers which makes sense as their target demographic is a larger one.
  • The Social Media Marketing Industry Report also shows that despite not being entirely sure whether Facebook marketing is working, 62% of small businesses plan on increasing their activities on the platform. 68% of those surveyed indicated that they want to learn more about using Facebook for marketing and 53% plan to increase their ad spending on Facebook.
  • Most small business owners would like to dedicate more time on social media but simply cannot dedicate the time to do so. Approximately 25% of small business owners spend up to 10 hours a week on social media but they understand that in order to build a great social media following, there needs to be dedicated and quality time towards social media efforts. 75% of social media business owners spend less than 6-10 hours on social media.
  • The goal of all marketing tactics is to increase leads and sales and the study shows that small business owners that have been willing to put the time in to develop a social strategy and are patient, have benefitted in an improvement of sales through social media. 70% of small business owners with over 5 years of social media marketing investment have reported an improvement in sales.

These five trends constitute just a portion of social media trends within the small business industry and these statistics should serve as good news for potential marketers. Small business owners understand the value of social media, don’t have enough time to dedicate themselves to social media, would like to understand the key performance indicators for social media, and are willing to invest in those efforts. This is great news for any potential social media strategy and services provider.

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