Facebook Marketing: How the Game Has Changed Part ll

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Last week we went into detail about some new and exciting changes from Facebook, which were announced at their recent F8 2016 summit. We also started with a very cheesy metaphor, comparing Facebook Marketing to the Golden State Warriors. We talked about how neither of these entities can be beaten by their competitors. You see marketing your business on Facebook is just so far ahead of the curve when it comes to all the tools, strategies, and ninja techniques you can implement. Much like the Golden State Warriors, Facebook appears immortal to their competitors, as they have revolutionized the way the game is played.

Now if we didn’t lose you in the opening of last week’s Blog post, prepare yourself, because we’re about to use another, incredibly cheesy metaphor, to illustrate why Facebook cannot be toppled, and why if you’re not currently marketing your business on Facebook, you’re already being left in the dust.

This week we are going to compare Facebook Marketing to HBO’s hit series, “Game of Thrones”. In this comparison which is sure to leave you at the edge of your seat (satire), we’ll say Facebook is the “White Walkers”. You probably weren’t expecting us to go that route, were you? You probably would have thought, House Lannister or even the Mother of Dragons would have been a better choice. Well if you thought that, you probably haven’t watched this past season of GoT (wink wink). Anyways, back to this insightful comparison. You see much like the White Walker’s, Facebook seems un-penetrable. They are this mystical fighting force north of the wall, that has inspired fables and scary children’s stories (unless your John Snow, or the Free Folk of course). The White Walker’s are a supreme fighting force, with little to no known way of defeating their army (we are leaving out Dragon glass for this incredibly cheesy comparison). Everyone south of the wall fears them, and with only a giant wall of ice, and a rag tag Night’s Watch protecting them, it’s easy to see why.

Now they are similar to Facebook for a few reasons. For one, Facebook has become such a social empire over the last decade, that it’s hard to predict their downfall. We have seen over the last few years other social platforms come and go, and we’ve seen other apps stay, and have relative success. Every once in a while one comes along (Instagram or Twitter), and we say to ourselves, “Could this finally be the app to dethrone the Facebook empire”? The answer to our questions has always been “No”, and it most cases, it’s been “Not even close”.

Some people like our President and Founder AJ Senerchia, remember a time when Facebook had just gone live, and it was solely used, at that time, for College Students. My how the times have changed. Facebook has become an empire not only for their incredible capabilities to adapt to society around them, but because of revolutionary implementations to things like Facebook for your Business. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + are all incredible social platforms, with millions of users. But at the end of the day, all their hard work and prowess will not keep Facebook “beyond the wall”. Instead, these social apps will either have to continue to fight to stay relevant in an every changing world, or risk being cut down by Facebook’s new and improved marketing tools, and go extinct.

Ok, now let’s get back to what really matters, and why Facebook Marketing is incredibly important for your business. We talked in our last Blog post about some of the new and exciting updates Facebook is currently launching to make marketing on their platform even more lucrative for your business. We’re sure by now you’ve probably seen friends or family use Facebook’s “Profile Expression Kit”, which allows users to upload a 7 second video to their profile, which appears in the same spot as the your normal profile picture. Well buckle up Facebook world, because it’s coming for your Business page now as well! Business’s will enjoy this new feature, which provides an additional way to connect with their audience, and make their profile even more unique. Sometimes, the difference between a hard lead and someone passing your profile by, can be something as simple as a quirky welcome video.

Another awesome new tool coming to Facebook, which can separate your business from your competitors is an all new “Save Button” feature, that now allows users to easily save an archive posts, articles, and other links that they may not have the time to read at that moment, but wish to revisit in the future (ahem .. your Facebook posts). This isn’t necessarily a revolutionary idea by any means, but with Facebook becoming more and more popular each day, as well as more interactive, it’s a wonderful feature that will allow your audience to save your posts for a later date. It’s also great for business’s, because they will have the analytics behind who saved their articles, and which one’s were saved, giving yet another insight into what content is resonating with your audience, and what might not be.

These two examples are yet another reason why Facebook cannot be conquered. Their constant new initiatives, small or large, are making a difference in the way users interact with their platform. Subsequently, what really sets them apart from other social media platforms is their desire to be the best, and their revolutionary updates and initiatives which make marketing on Facebook for your business a MUST!

Now first, we’d like to thank all of our readers who made it through our terrible, yet some what accurate (maybe), comparison of Facebook and Game of Thrones. Second, if any of the information about Facebook’s new initiatives made your head spin, have no fear, Be Native Group is here! Be Native Group offer comprehensive services packages which include marketing on major social media platforms, like Facebook.¬†At Be Native., we strive to keep your company native, in an ever-changing internet landscape. We are digital natives, who understand the importance of brand equity. After all, we are already here. We are a team made up of young, eager, creative digital professionals. We understand what it takes to separate your company or business from the rest, by using our inherent social media marketing skills, social media savvy, and creative web based solutions. Call us today!