Be Native Group has had tremendous success, generating new leads and business, for a variety of businesses. From an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), to a General Contractor, and many more in between. We are a marketing company who knows what it takes to separate you from the rest of the field. Be Native Group has been able to customize their services, ensuring that each client’s individual needs are met, while developing creative digital, social, and web based solutions.

Ray Troiano, LLC

Ray Troiano LLC signed on at first, seeking a marketing company that could carry out a complete revamp and development of his social media platforms. Within the first week of being a Be Native Client, Ray brought it two new contracts, resulting directly from his new online presence. Ray’s company has active and engaging social media platforms, which are a result of both organic and paid advertisements. Ray Troiano LLC’s total reach in one week alone, can surpass over 10,000 social media users.

Ray Troiano LLC also requested a website, which the company never had before. Within days, Be Native Group sat down with Ray, and provided him with different concepts and schemes to choose from, as well as a variety of different pricing structures that would fit his budget. Needless to say, Be Native Group provided Ray Troiano LLC with a fully functioning, modern, beautiful new website, which serves as a platform to showcase the plethora of projects Ray and his team have completed.

Ray Troiano LLC

I approached Be Native Group in the winter of 2015, as our company was gearing up to prepare for the busy seasons of spring and summer. I was skeptical at first of online marketing, because as a Remodeling Contractor, it just wasn’t the traditional route for someone like me, or my business to take.


AJ and his team came in and customized a package for us, that made me feel comfortable putting 100% of my trust in them. They recommended we have strong social media presence, and be one of the top General Contracting companies on the web, in our area. We saw results IMMEDIATELY. AJ and his team pulled in 2 referrals for us within the first 2 weeks of our contract. Be Native Group starting advertising for us on our Facebook, using professional photos that we had taken some time ago. The results were amazing! I had no idea how many people I could reach in my area, from a $10 or $20 advertisement. We were reaching several thousand people a week, and it felt great having internet marketing, as Be Native Group was doing a fantastic job handling it for us.


Along with a revamp of social media platforms, Be Native Group is also currently building us a website. We have seen the first few drafts, and they all looked amazing! We are really excited to finally have a presence online, as we continue to build out our name, and our brand, in the state of New Jersey. We would recommend Be Native to all our friends and family. We’re excited to see where we stand 6 months down the road, as our presence grows stronger everyday!

ACA Computers, Inc first approached Be Native Group in the summer of 2015, seeking a digital marketing company to improve their social media platforms, as well as their overall SEO. ACA had around 150 Facebook likes, a stagnant Twitter account, and was lacking a LinkedIn company page. Their website was hard to find through google, and they lacked an overall online presence that would take their company to the next level.

Within 6 months, ACA Computers Facebook page had over 1,500 active, engaged, followers. Their paid promotional posts were reaching upwards of a few thousand Facebook users. Their Twitter account went from stagnant, to over 150 followers, and their LinkedIn page began carving out a niche within the professional online community.

Business over this time has substantially picked up for ACA Computers. They are now easy to find on the web, a reflection of the work that the Be Native Group did on their Search Engine Optimization, and they have an active, engaging social media audience, across a wide variety of online platforms.

ACA Computers

ACA Computer’s signed up with Be Native Group over the summer, as we were looking for a company who would really maximize our presence online. We were in desperate need of a social media revamp, and our SEO was lacking. Be Native Group came in and immediately had an impact. We started with only 150 followers on Facebook, and were lacking in other areas of our social media presence, and our social media marketing. AJ and his team came in, and broke down the importance of not only having an active and engaging following on multiple social media platforms, but the benefits of paid, targeted advertisements.


Within a couple months, we were well on our way to over 1,000 likes on Facebook (we currently are over 1,500), a couple hundred followers on Twitter, and we finally have an active and engaging LinkedIn company page, to target other professionals in our field. With the added attention we were getting across social media platforms, low and behold our SEO increased organically, and then again, when AJ and his team worked on the back end of the website, and developed key phrases that allowed us to climb the google ranks.


Since we have been working with Be Native Group, we have also seen an increase of leads come through the door. Be Native Group stressed the importance of having a solid online presence, because of how often potential clients search out businesses online to read reviews, activity etc, before contacting the actual business. We would recommend Be Native Group to any businesses out there, small or large, and allow them to come in a develop a specialized package for you, like they did for us at ACA Computers.

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